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Official or real Sans by brilliantaxolotl Official or real Sans by brilliantaxolotl
The structure of the skull is explained by the fact that Sans ALWAYS smiles. He is not able to change the structure of the mouth or open it. How does he eat and drink? Unknown :D
He has no half of the bones, as can be seen in the more prone to the canon of the fan sprite and simply on sketches. Perhaps have merged at birth, or they were;
Sans for Papyrus little low (up to the shoulders);
He doesn't have a white T-shirt / sweater, etc., he have a black T-shirt with ribs on the one;
He doesn't teleport - he stops time. So he knows your actions and what you will do. If it were not for laziness and drowsiness (perhaps due to the frequent use of sleeping pills), then it would be invulnerable;
He is not a kind person to the end, but he pretends to be so. So he could easily kill or hate;
Perhaps in the so-called bones blood flows or nerves;
On a hoodie he doesn't have fur, which is often drawn by the fan;
His friends are Toriel and Alphys, and the family or his brother - Papyrus. All, nothing else;
Perhaps he doesn't have shoes on his feet;
His "powerful attack" was used only once for a short time. Consequently, she exhausts him very much and he is not able to use the so-called "glowing eye" constantly;
He doesn't have stripes on shorts, it's glare.

Sans (c) Toby Fox
Art (c) tuyoki
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