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1. This is my favorite character for 3 years already;
2. I understand that the character can like not only me, but also many others, because it was not created for me, but for a general audience;
3. I don't consider him my own, he belongs to Toby Fox, and I can't even treat the characters like that;
4. We have a great age difference, even if we take on the fans, so I'm not comfortable with this and I generally doubted at first - is it worth it? And just wanted to make us at the level of best friends
Perhaps this will happen, I don't know for sure, and I can't afford this in terms of propriety, even if I like this character
5. I can spit myself with fan characters. (The same AU)
Why? Oh yeah, rolleplay is power
Yes, and I have a couple who is to cast for a common character, heh;
6. I will draw comics, where I can accidentally or specially grab something
My excuses? Different timelines, and just a different course of events
I can't give myself an exact twist of the plot, because it's not there, so I'll draw a lot of this (it also affects this that my mascot is an extra-coded creature);
7. I get pissed off when the character is done by his own, or understated by others, or even similar ones are joking. Why? I don't know, I just don't like it and I want to hit it.

And yet, I came to the fadom before he going to be popular and fell in love with Sans when he almost didn't attract anyone
So don't say that I love him for a popular
I just don't run like a rat in fandoms and I don't run after glory, so I'd have been drawing something else for a long time, except for the Undertale  

Regarding copyright infringement:

Toby Fox didn't forbid the use of his characters on various resources. As for other AUs, I keep an eye on all blogs and if the author forbade him to spank his character (Dust!Sans was forbidden to spank at all with anyone and draw porn with him, but your little hands still don't respect Dust's author and you continue to do it. So at first look at yourself before exposing me to the claim) - I wouldn't, I have respect for the creators of the characters.
If Toby had copyrighted, everything would have flown right away, like the ship, and just porn. :)
All AU is a violation of copyright infringement, because they are not their characters, but the characters of Toby. They simply change them for themselves.
Toby didn't forbid it, as you can see. So don't run to me and try to tell me what I already know or hang noodles on my ears. 

Now I made game with me and my history
at the core, I finally found the style that I will paint
why I decided to change the style? Many told me that my style is similar to the style of SLS, and it's just that it's too simple, because of what many people think I'm lazy (although for the most part I don't have time and a computer, so I really love drawing and ideas from me and whip)
now my style on a scale of 1 to 10 will go to about 6-8, I mean I'll draw more art for a long time, and make the animation understandably longer than I could have done them earlier
in animations, I still will not use more often shadows (if the animation will be less than 2 minutes), because it really takes a lot of time, given that I have a lot of things in my plans, not counting the fan art and the opening of the ask in a few social networks. And no, asks will be directed not only on one network, it will include everything immediately where it will be present.
The history of my 2D version is already well worked out, yes, I've been thinking about it for about a week or three
Also in the asks, shadows and glare may be rarely used, perhaps even colors (that is, the answers will go in almost the same color, but muted, because once upon a time, in the years so 2011-2014 I loved the ask's according to the mlp on the tumbler, they were pretty creepy and dark at that time because of the popularity of Pinkamina and gore, along with a rare combination of pornography, so they have long attracted me)
will be closed requests and possibly art trades, commissions will be opened, the collabs will still be open, but not for everyone, there I will choose by myself the level of imagery, no matter how selfish it may sound, but this is so, sorry
about more I will write later, I use a new style immediately in the meme "cut my hair"
+ I probably can go with the animation work in flash, maybe stay in the sai, and I can also use some other programs that I will not talk about yet, the secret
I decided to paint the structure of my form of drawing, they just started to pick on me too often that like - "oh, you copied the synnibear03 style", "I'm sure you copied this art" and much more. 

1) About the eyes. I'm a fan of my little pony for 7 years already (I'm not hiding it, it's true and it's actually one of my first fandoms). My favorite character is Twilight Sparkle and I very much like her eye's style. I used to develop ponies in a program like pony creator and I always chose the shape of Twilight's eyes. When I first started drawing and teaching anatomy (and at that time I was 7-8 years old), then I always painted her eyes or she was streaming to it. Even often you can see how I draw similar eyes to this day (sorry that I didn't keep those works). And I like this MLP arter -  Style Practice - Pet Dash by HigglyTownHero

2) The shape of the head. She was taken for my own skills, + a little distance from the eyes (from Scoots) and a bit of style kouri + mogeka. 

3) Body style. I often observed this style in the arters, especially in the style of arms and legs, I just borrowed this idea from them, I liked this style very much. 

I can still show a lot of evidence, but I think that's enough for you. 

thanks for reading, bye.…